In T.Clark Shoes we take pride in our specialized service, attention to details and the most comprehensive range of shoes that is carefully selected by our professionals for each season.

As opposed to modern day chain stores concept that usually carries similar cheap quality products, T.Clark Shoes is distinguished for being country’s oldest destination for highest quality men’s shoes renowned for professional service since 1899.

Here at T.Clark Shoes we employ one simple-to-understand yet complex-to-execute formula. In our view the price tag should match the quality of the shoes. We ensure that more you spend on your shoes the more money you will actually save in a long run. In order to achieve this we only select best value products for each price level, so you can be sure that whatever you spending at T.Clark you are buying the best available for that price tag.

We predominantly stock footwear that is made from high quality materials, such as fine top grade leathers, fabrics and rubber. Having vast amount of knowledge in the footwear industry we always make selection based on quality rather than the brand’s name. Every time during the shoe exposition we ensure that the shoes selected for our range meet our requirements. Among the brands that make it to our display shelves are English Barker, Loake and Clarks shoes. German Lloyd, Rieker and Josef Siebel. Australian R.M.Williams. New Zealand McKinlays. American Rockport, Sperry and Sebago. Italian Mercanti Fiorentini.
We happily put our reputation on the line when it comes to quality and fitting guarantee.

Located in the heart of Auckland Central on Customs Street entrance to the Queens Arcade, T.Clark Shoes has truly gained fame as an iconic most recognized store for men’s shoes.

You will always be welcomed by our experienced staff who will help you to select from top quality-proven range of shoes. You will get qualified help with styles and our personalized approach to the fitting. We will be delighted to share our extensive knowledge to help you to select just the right shoes.

Not everyone can make it to visit us in Auckland, so we have decided to bring the whole store to you.

Anything that you buy on our website is considered to be purchased on your approval. This means that you may order a few pairs of shoes, get them delivered free of charge to your door step, try them on and only keep those that you like. Providing that there is no sign of wear and the shoes are in brand new condition we will take everything back that you don’t want and give you a full refund of the returned goods.

You are also very welcome to phone us to discuss your size and any special requirements or even place a mail order over the phone.