BarkerbarkerBARKER shoes have been an English tradition for over 135 years. Only the most carefully selected leathers are used and the uppers are shaped on the last by hand. Many other traditional shoemaking methods are still employed including slow natural drying and polishing. This is why Barker English shoes have a unique quality that no machine can ever match.
One thing for sure, it is craftsmen and fine materials that makes good shoes. At Barkers, there is no shortage of either.Barker have been making shoes in the Northamptonshire village of Earls Barton since 1880. In a changing world, it’s good to know you can still find perfection if you look for it.

loakeLoakeLOAKE premium grade Goodyear welted shoes continue to be made in Kettering, England, in the same factory that the three brothers built in 1894. The Goodyear welted construction for which Loake is renowned is an intricate process with origins going back over 300 years. Only the very highest quality materials are used. Each pair takes eight weeks to make. To date there is no finer way to make a gentleman’s shoe. Loake has made over 50 million pairs of Goodyear welted shoes since it began in 1880. They now export to more than 50 countries and have become a favourite with discerning customers worldwide.

clarksClarksCLARKS is the world number one in ‘everyday footwear’. They design, innovate, manufacture and sell more than 50 million pairs of shoes every year. Founded in 1825 by brothers Cyrus and James, Clarks are still based in their birthplace of Street, Somerset, but today they are a global business, selling shoes in over 35 countries around the world.
1950 saw the arrival of the Clarks Desert Boot. Designed by Nathan Clark and modelled on a shoe made in the bazaars of Cairo, it was a world first in smart casual footwear and, over the decades, has been the footwear of choice for everyone from teddy boys and mods to Parisienne revolutionaries, pop stars and Hollywood A-listers. Also the essence of cool, then as now, is the Wallabee®. Inspired by a moccasin made by a company called Sioux, it was styled around the original Clarks nature form last, made its debut in the mid-1960s and to this day effortlessly bridges the divide between cult and classic.

riekerRiekerRIEKER were founded in the Black Forest region of Southern Germany in 1874, originally producing shoes for the affluent citizens of Northern Italy. The company soon gained a reputation for quality and has built itself into a household name in Central Europe. The company has been family owned for 5 generations and its commitment to quality and style has ensured continuous growth for 30 years. At the beginning of the 1970’s new headquarters were set up in Switzerland and production moved away from Europe. Today Rieker employs approximately 20,000 people in 3 design units, 16 wholesale units and in our own production units in Eastern Europe, North Africa and Vietnam.

JosefSeibeljosef_seibelJOSEF SEIBEL shoes began in 1886 in a small German village. This family held Shoe Company is today run by a fourth generation under Carl-August Seibel. The same basic philosophies are followed. Premium quality in materials, the best workmanship, and comfort. These main principals have helped Josef Seibel shoes become world reknown as “The European Comfort Shoe.” Today 2500 people are working under the management of Carl-August Seibel and Andreas Garnier for the Josef Seibel Group.
More and more people are discovering that their foot and leg fatigue is greatly reduced or eliminated after wearing Josef Seibel shoes. Anatomical footbeds and foot massage insole systems maximize comfort and increases blood circulation.

eccoEccoFor the past 50 years ECCO has set out to create shoes that are more comfortable, last longer and enable you to walk more naturally. Whether it be at work, home or play, ECCO aim is to produce shoes which fit your feet perfectly, with unrivalled comfort straight out of the box – there’s no breaking in period needed with ECCO shoes thanks to their “Freedom Fit”.
Design, technology and a continuous focus on innovation are essential in delivering comfort and style. ECCO is passionate about making shoes and everything that goes with it from tanning and manufacturing their leather to stitching their shoes together. ECCO relentlessly pursue new ideas, technologies, high standards and better ways of doing things.

rockportRockportROCKPORT story begins in 1971 in a small town in Massachusetts where a father-son team made an all too obvious observation that forever changed the landscape of comfort footwear. Why, they asked, aren’t there dress and casual shoes as comfortable as sneakers? With that and the know-how from the three generations of shoemakers who preceded them, they took the answer into their own hands, establishing The Rockport Company and introducing the first dress shoes with built-in sport technology.
Nearly 45 years later and their curiosity and commitment to innovation haven’t wavered. Most recently, ROCKPORT entered a new chapter in their history, joining forces with Boston-based Drydock Footwear to form The Rockport Group. Today, The Rockport Group is home to Rockport, Cobb Hill, Aravon and Dunham, an impressive collection of men’s and women’s brands that offer their customers only the best in fit, technology and comfort.

rmwRMWilliamsBorn in the Australian Outback, R.M.WILLIAMS creates purposefully designed and beautiful footwear, craft and accessories to help enjoy all of life’s adventures.
R.M.Williams was founded in 1932 by Reginald Murray Williams. RM – as he liked to call himself – recognized the need for hard-wearing products and was determined to create a boot that could endure the harsh Australian bush. Months were spent adapting a single piece of softened hide into one of the world’s most recognized footwear styles.
Through quality craftsmanship and extraordinary attention to detail, R.M.Williams now gives a piece of Australian bush culture to passionate followers of superior products the world over. The spirit of entrepreneurship and focus on quality and durability remains part and parcel of the exciting future of R.M.Williams, building on the legacy of one man, and continuing to be inspired by the Australian outback.

mercantiMercantiStylish and sophisticated MERCANTI FIORENTINI are the very best when it comes to footwear. Hand made in Italy, these shoes are given the very true love and care with an amazing attention to detail. If you are looking for premium quality shoes to finish off that look with top of the range styling and comfort to match, Mercanti Fiorentini is the shoe for you. This Italian men’s footwear brand is a family own and run business based in Tuscany, Italy. They have been involved in the shoe industry since 1922. Their passion for the trade is second to none putting this brand in a completely different league.

mckinlaysMcKinlaysMcKINLAYS Footwear has been making shoes since 1879 in Dunedin, New Zealand. Even though tastes and styles have moved on one thing has remained the same: high quality footwear, made to last, has always attracted discerning buyers. This is evidenced by their growing list of overseas customers: McKinlays regularly send their shoes to retailers in Australia and Japan, as well as directly to private customers in America, Canada, Denmark, England, France, Italy, Germany, Sweden, Hong Kong and Singapore.
Although started from humble beginnings, McKinlays currently make between 130 and 160 pairs of shoes a day. As production has increased to meet growing demand, they have taken care to retain some of the traditional skills and techniques that add value to the product and set McKinlays shoes apart from the mass produced mainstream.Using their wealth of knowledge McKinlays are able to make sure that every pair of their shoes meets the exacting standards.

sperrySperrySPERRY Top-Sider has been an American icon since 1935, when Paul Sperry invented the world’s first boat shoe for sailors.The rough seas, a slippery deck and a struggle for sure footing almost cost Paul his life; and began his long and ambitious quest for a solution. One day in 1935, after watching his best friend cocker spaniel, Prince, dart effortlessly across the ice on a cold Connecticut day, he was inspired to carve grooves – like those on his dog’s paws – into the bottom of a rubber sole. In that moment of inspiration, the world’s first boat shoe was born.
These days, boat shoes are no longer just worn at sea. In fact, they’ve evolved quite a lot since the 1930’s. The shoe became a staple of the popular 1980’s prep trend and today, you can find them in hundreds of fabrics, colors and styles, and everyone from kids to adults wear them as everyday stylish casual shoes.

sebagoSebagoCreated from a sense of purpose, SEBAGO shares its New England heritage and tradition of craftsmanship with those who aspire to make the journey with them. Since 1946, from their Classic penny loafer to the Docksides boat shoe, Sebago makes timeless, handcrafted dress and casual products using the finest materials. Today, Sebago still creates some of the world’s most iconic, handsewn styles.