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Here at T.Clark Shoes we make it easy for you to view our range and even purchase shoes without visiting our store.

With our online and mail service we bring the entire store to your door step. We do believe that shoes needs to be tried on your feet for feel of size, comfort and style. That is why we treat all orders as purchase on your approval. This means that you can return the shoes within 14 days of purchase as per our Warranty & Refunds terms.

We often have cases when customers would order few pairs of shoes to try them on their feet for style and size. Then they return shoes that were not satisfactory keeping those that suited. With free delivery on orders over $250, your only courier fee will be for returned orders. This has proved to be a very cost effective practice that is often much less expensive than coming to town yourself paying parking, petrol and your time.

If you are not comfortable using the online purchase service on our website, simply send us an email or give us a call to discuss your order and sizing. We can then accept payment by your credit card over the phone for immediate dispatch or prepare your order and send when your payment has come through and shows on our online bank statement.

Placing an online order is easy. Simply select the shoes on our website, select the size and color and hit Add to Cart button. Repeat this process if you wish to order more than one style of shoes, then follow on screen instruction where you will be asked to choose delivery and payment option.
This process is very simple and straight forward, however if you get stuck anywhere during the process please give us a call and our friendly staff will be very happy to help you out.