The sole is prepared on the sander for the first layer of glue

When the time comes to restore your beloved shoes, there is always a dilemma where to go and who to trust with the repair. Your uncertainty is fair as there is no such thing as cobbler education in New Zealand. If one wishes to become a cobbler where does he go to learn the trade? Much of it is a forgotten profession. There is only handful true masters left in this country who recognise all types of shoe constructions, know how to dismantle them and put together again with new material.

At least two layers of glue is applied allowing both to dry well

T.Clark Shoes is proud to have in-house top quality shoe repair service done by one of the country’s most skilled cobbler and shoemaker with over 50 years of field experience. Only the finest material is used in the repair providing good durability and extended lifetime.

New soles are first trimmed with a razor sharp knife, then sanded down to fine finish

We fully guaranty our work and offer lifetime of the material craftsmanship warranty. For example, when we applied new soles on your shoes than until those sole have worn out, they are guaranteed not to come undone. If they did, we would offer a remedy to re-attach them again at our cost even if our soles have lasted for number of years.

New sole is stitched using Goodyear Welt or Blake Stitching
New sole is stitched using Goodyear Welt or Blake Stitching

There is a reason why people send their shoes to us for repair from all around the country. You can be assured that your favourite shoes are in very capable hands. Even if you believe your shoes have come to the end of their life its worth while which with us if they can be saved. You might be very surprised how many times the good quality shoes can be resoled.
If you are outside Auckland, take pictures of your shoes showing parts that needs to be fixed and we will do our best to give rough estimate cost to get them fixed.